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Network Architecture


ITOTS Networks offers network evaluation, baseline, and performance tuning services. This aspect of our service allows us to focus on packet analysis and network performance measurements where we can identify and determine network anomolies in any environment. The overall goal at ITOTS Networks is to identify and understand the customer's business needs/requirements:

  • Research and evaluation of core business operations
  • A full understanding of business requirements and drivers
  • A review of current end-user locations - local and remote
  • Trend analysis, growth projections and capacity planning
  • A collaborative approach to performance objectives and tuning

Once ITOTS understands how the network performs, ITOTS will work with various technical components to find ways to enhance overall performance. ITOTS assesses what advantages can be gained through evaluation and systems tuning. The ITOTS Methodology includes:

  • Identifying all hardware and software
  • Evaluating physical and logical connections
  • Assessing current network utilization and trends
  • Monitoring peak utilization periods
  • Defining protocol requirements and usage
  • Calculating average throughput